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Online School of English Ltd was incorporated in 2021 to help students around the world access good quality education at affordable prices. Its founder, Morgan, originally started the business back in 2011 as a sole trader. Over the years, advances in technology have allowed for better online pedagogical practices, thus democratizing education and making it accessible to those who need it most, the working adults who are in search of a better future. Our team of dedicated, highly trained and experienced educators help countless students on a daily basis improve their skills in English and pass their English as a foreign language (EFL) examinations.

Implementing e-Learning Technology Solutions to
Transform Your Education.

Distance learning is not a new concept. The earliest known record in English-speaking countries dates back to 1728 where weekly lessons were mailed to students who, in turn, posted their assignments back to their instructors. Fast-forward to the present date, the digital revolution has not only eliminated the need to go the the post office, but it has also enabled engagement with others via wireless video conferencing and learning apps, effectively eliminating all geographical boundaries. The world is at the cusp of unprecedented access to learning, opening doors of opportunity even to those living in the remotest corners of the earth.

We, at Online School of English, seek to tap on this potential where our live lessons and learning materials are published directly into our LMS (learning management software) app, thus eliminating the need to purchase costly textbooks and saving time and money on unnecessary trips to a traditional brick and mortar school. Students with access to an internet-enabled computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone can start lessons today. Remote learning is here to stay.

Morgan D.

Director of Studies
Online School of English Ltd

Our School Mission

Deliver Quality Courses

At Online School of English, we combine the latest technology in e-learning to maximize results in learner outcomes. Our streamlined approach to online teaching offers students access to a range of tailored programmes through our learning platform that includes an ample e-book and video library, tutor access, group lessons, games, video tutorials, video conferencing, targeted activities, discussion boards, interactive assignments, webinars, and much more. We pride ourselves on coaching students to pass the Cambridge Proficiency, Cambridge Advanced, Cambridge First, IELTS, TOEFL, and Functional Skills exams. Our curricula have been developed to offer students autonomy over their learning. We recognize that not everyone has the same needs. For this reason, students are free to choose from any of the modules offered to master a particular skill. Equally, not everyone learns at the same rate. Our courses are designed to offer ample flexibility for students to learn at their own pace.

Mission Statement

To educate the world.

Vision Statement

A fairer society
and equal opportunities
for all.

Did you know...?

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History of Remote Learning


The birth of a new era:

Caleb Phillips pioneered the concept of distance learning in America. The teacher advertised his correspondence courses in the Boston Gazette.


The spread of ideas:

Phillips’ unique business model reached Europe and Sir Isaac Pitman developed the first ever correspondence course in Great Britain.


The digital revolution in education:

The New School in New York City partnered with Connected Education in 1985 to offer the first fully online graduate and undergraduate credit-bearing courses in the Fall term of that year. In 1990, SoftArc launched the first internet-based LMS.


E-learning reaches the masses:

By 2002, Moodle transformed remote learning and in 2003 Skype revolutionized telecommunications with video-conferencing over the internet. Educators were quick to capitalize on the developments ushering in the flipped classroom approach and the blended model in teaching. Today, internet-enabled wireless tablets and smartphones have changed the education landscape for billions of people through easily accessible apps at their fingertips.

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